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Ghosty Boo


“Ghosty Boo lives inside of a book by Kate Litterer who lives with “a hard job to hurt out of revolted love.” Poetry is always asking us what is it we’re willing to do, and when we take into our own private worlds what’s sincere and true, fierce and relentlessly unforgiving are we able to ever feel safe again? Ghosty Boo has an answer for that.”  
                                         -Dara Wier, author of You Good Thing


It is love that drives this poetry, a love that lets the intelligence of the neglected glimmer and beat and breathe and crackle. Ghosty Boo circles through the magic and myth of a child raising her hand in the air, hoping a bird will land there. Here, Litterer stands up and offers us a talisman for walking in trauma, offers us talons.

-Kelin Loe, author of These Are the Gloria Stories


This is a sometimes harrowing, sometimes raunchy, and always gripping book that chronicles abuse, neglect, and trauma. Don’t open the cover expecting poetic transcendence. Ghosty Boo is that rare book of unmitigated frankness. It casts a cold eye on the world and on the self and in so doing creates a memorable, puissant darkness.

-Lynn Emanuel, author of The Nerve of It: Poems New and Selected

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